We 'inherited' a Decor counter-depth refrigerator when we bought a house this year. This unit is Dacor's high end product competing with Wolf and SubZero - with compressor on the top.

All I can tell you is that anyone would not be in their right mind to spend this kind of money on Dacor's pathetic high end refrigerator. The unit was constantly making loud noises. The ice maker was not working. The freezer cooling mechanism failed.

The repair estimate for the freezer alone was in the $700 minimum range - and the authorized technican said he had seen many of these same types of premature failures. How can a $7,500 product not be waranteed for 5 - 10 years? When I asked for Dacor's help to defray the cost of the repair - they said they would make an exception for me and give me 25% reduction from the retail price of the parts. No offer to compensate me for the labor; for the spoiled food; for the misery and dissatisfaction of knowing that a $7,500 product failed in 5 years!

I told them they had abysmal reviews for all of their products on the Internet - and if they wanted me to add to those bad reviews they were well on their way. They stuck to their offer and said they were sorry I felt this way. I will NEVER buy or recommend a Dacor product for as long as I live. I hope anyone reading this review will not buy their products either.

It is obvious to me that they care little about their customers, that they do not have well designed products, and that their customer support stinks. I am ex-CEO of a $200 million software company and I know something about building good products and supporting your customers.

They have no clue about a quality approach to designing and building products and they apparently have no clue about maintaining a satisfied customer base. I hope their product failures and business practices drive them out of business - which is what they deserve!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dacor Refrigerator.

Monetary Loss: $7500.

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