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On 5-7-08 we purchased a Dacor ED24SCH dishwasher along with several other appliances from Karl's Appliances. We were having our kitchen remodeled. The appliances were installed professionally in July, 2008.

On 11-27-10 I contacted Dacor "Customer Satisfaction":


Subject: ED24SCH problem

To whom it may concern,

I just sent in a note at the DACOR website,, and am following up with this message. I am quite concerned about the DACOR dishwasher, ED24SCH, S/N: D-C08090017, that we purchased and had installed in July, 2008. I have attached pictures of the bottom rack, which is beginning to rust in several locations. As you know, this is not an inexpensive appliance, so I would expect a better lifespan for its key components.

I would like at the very least to be sent a replacement lower rack and some kind of assurance that this is not indicative of the overall quality of your product lines.

Dacor responded to my email by phone and indicated that the rust problem was probably my fault because I used the wrong detergent. Their solution was: "we could purchase a new rack for $500." When I responded that that was not an acceptable solution, they countered: "we could purchase a new rack at the discount price of $300." When I replied that this was still unacceptable, they said goodbye.

Karl's Appliances customer service contacted Dacor, 6-27-2011, on our behalf and were unsuccessful in assisting us.

I believe that a dishwasher rack should last more than 2½ years no matter what detergent someone would use. (We had been using Cascade liquid). Now at this date, 7-4-2011, the rack is rusted through in several locations and will soon completely collapse. We have ordered a new rack from Sears Parts Direct. I still believe that Dacor should be responsible for replacing this obviously defective part.

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