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We have two Dacor ovens and a gas cooktop. Within 1 year, the first one needed 3 new boards and a door seal and then another relay board at year 4.

The second, a millenia series oven, needed two new expensive boards at year 4.

The gas cooktop needed new LED's, the paint wore off the bezels, and two ignitors died.

The real unfortunate fact here is that when they are working, with the exception of the electric ovens being slower to heat than much less expensive units, everything cooks very well. Why is it an inexpensive electric oven lasts for many years but no these??

Review about: Dacor Oven.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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Dacor is horrible. They don't stand behind their products and just don't care what you think about their lousy junk and lying.

I've just lodged yet another complaint with Dacor and the Better Business Bureau in California. They also renege on their replacement commitment. I don't know what power we have any more. If I don't get an acceptable answer this time, I'm going to local town's permit offices and posting Dacor signs on why new builders and homeowners should not buy products from this company.

I've already told potential buyers to not buy and they have not. However Dacor seems to feel no pain and persists in putting out junky products and customer service.

Instead of "The Life of the Kitchen" they should change their slogan to "The Strife of the Kitchen". What junk and lies.

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