Have a Dacor range purchased in 2000. Shortly after purchase it began experiencing problems.

Experienced Dacor repair person was unable to repair after months of trying. Dacor replaced the stove as nobody could figure out how to repair. Replacement has always taken forever for oven to heat up. Recently throws F-1 code.

Replace all parts listed in manual as possible cause for problem. Determine that it is near impossible to get at relay board. Now we know why all of the appliance techs authorized to work on Dacor refuse to service them. Dacor says get the guy there and we will walk him through on the phone.

They laugh and still refuse to service it. Find a way to access board by removing a rear panel, removing bolts to fan motor and bending sheet metal down to access. Replace relay board and ECM. Still get F-1 code.

Run diagnostic. All systems on stove function. The only problem is the code keeps appearing, which could be ignored except that it beeps an alarm every minute or so, making it impossible to ignore. Total junk.

All appliance techs say, "We wish you would have asked us before purchasing. We would have steered you away from Dacor.

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